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Magnum Live Lab in Conversation: Creating a Live Lab

4.13 Sat. 16:30—17:30

Horikawa Oike Gallery 1F

[ENG / JP]

Photographers Paolo Pellegrin, Kosuke Okahara and Curator Andrea Holzherr the Global Exhibition Director to discuss the Live Lab project.

In this talk, Paolo Pellegrin, Kosuke Okahara and Curator Andrea Holzherr discuss the Live Lab project, considering the process of making a body of photographic work, reflecting on both their individual responses, and on the collaborative nature of the project.

Magnum LiveLab: An Experimental
Residency Project

The Magnum LiveLab is a multiple photographer residency program, producing work in direct response to the location and community in which it is situated. Over the course of two weeks, three Magnum photographers, along with a curator, work in an experimental ‘lab’, to produce a new body of work and pop up exhibition. Magnum Photos partners in each location with a prestigous cultural institution, which both provides the curator and a home for some of the new work produced. LiveLab’s architecture is designed to challenge the practitioners and initiate creative collaboration.

The chemistry between the participants: the curator and the photographers, along with the city that serves as the inspiration for their new production, creates the unique outcome of each lab. The process of making, editing, printing and curating the work will be performed in full view of the public. The audience is invited to ‘join’ the journey in situ as new work begins to populate the walls and digitally through online posting of work as it unfolds. Wherever possible the process is also recorded on film. A dynamic creative experiment, the outcome is a process of discovery for both participants and audience alike and serves to highlight the collaborative nature of production at the heart of the Magnum Photos cooperative.
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Horikawa Oike Gallery 1F
238-1, Oshiaburanokoji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-0052
Subway Tozai Line “Nijojo-mae” station. 3 min on foot from exit 2

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