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Shooting with Film Camera & Monochrome Hand-Printing

5.3 Fri. 10:00—20:00

Photo Lab Guesthouse "Talbot"



10:00 泊まれる写真ラボ トルボット 集合

10:00―11:00 カメラ機能説明 フィルムの装填

11:00―14:00 撮影(昼食)
14:00―15:30 フィルム現像体験

15:45―17:45 暗室フィルムプリント体験セッション1
18:00―20:00 暗室フィルムプリント体験セッション2

・コンパクトカメラ35mmサイズ(Olympus Trip35)2台
・一眼レフカメラ(Canon ftb/Pentax sp)各1台
・オートフォーカスコンパクトカメラ(Canon auto boy)2 台



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080-7085-0102 (泊まれる写真ラボ Talbot)
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Photo Lab Guesthouse "Talbot"
"“Take pictures, print and send them to somebody you love while you’re traveling.”

In 2017 we’re going to open a hostel with a print laboratory right in the middle of Kyoto, in Kyoto’s biggest shopping arcade: Sanjo Shopping Arcade. William Henry Fox Talbot, who lived over 200 years ago, was one of the pioneers of modern film photography. We hope we can show you the same sensation Talbot might have felt when he completed his first printing: a photo of a leaf.

In recent years, the number of dark rooms is decreasing. To remind the world of the magnificent creation that is silver halide photography, a print-collector living in New York City is getting this show back on the road!

We will run a workshop everyday, where you can learn the basics about image development and print in under two hours, with no prior knowledge or equipment required! The dark room is available for hostel guests 12 a.m - 6 a.m. (Please make sure to make a reservation.) The bar space hosts several famous original printings from around the world, as well as a number of rare photo books.
Photo Lab Guesthouse Talbot
1-2, Ikenouchichou, Nishinokyou, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8375

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