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Alberto Korda
René Peña
Alejandro Gonzálezアルベルト・コルダ

"About Her, about Me, and about Them." Cuba through the Art and Life of Three Photographers

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Closed: Tuesdays (except 4/30)

*Admission free till junior high school age

Adults ¥1000
Students ¥800 (Please show your student ID)

All art that calls itself Cuban, whether or not made in Cuba, bears the seal of the country’s history and the existential drama of its inhabitants. Its creators have not succeeded in resisting the need to issue judgment on that history or simply identify themselves in it. It is an unavoidable art-life-society interconnection. About Her, about Me, and about Them is a way of thinking about part of that recent history through photography.
About Her, about Me, and about Them is an unfinished trilogy about a country under permanent construction.

Alberto Korda


"About Her…"
Famous as a fashion photographer as well as official documentarian of the Cuban Revolution, Alberto Korda (1928-2001) was a leading visual proponent of Cubaʼs social and political transformation. From his fashion plates of the 1950s to his iconic portraits of women revolutionaries of the 1960s, Kordaʼs women exemplify an ideal of beauty, sensuality, and vitality ever at the forefront of the times.

René Peña


"About Me…"
René Peña (b. 1957) belongs to the generation who grew up in the era of utopian socialism, only to see the dream crumble before their eyes. Using his own body as a stage, Peñaʼs self-portraits cast a critical eye on double standards, intolerance, loss of values, and other social issues faced by Cuba today.

Alejandro González


"About Them…"
Alejandro González (b. 1974) was raised to believe in Cubaʼs bright tomorrow, but came to question the tarnished promise of revolutionary society. Here he presents his Reconstruction series of famous moments in Cuban socialist history modeled in recycled materials and his portraits of LGBT “outcasts” who still suffer discrimination despite the Castro regimeʼs avowed doctrine of equality for all.
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19, Benzaiten-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 650-0086
Keihan Line “Sanjo” / “Gion Shijo” station. 5 min on foot from exit 2 (Sanjo) / 9 (Gion Shijo)

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